A collaboration between Patta and Dekmantel comes naturally after a long-lasting partnership of 7 years, and this year will be no different. The two Amsterdam-based households are presenting a Best of Patta x Dekmantel collection which includes the top items of their previous collections. With it comes a same-titled digital compilation with selected tracks from previous collaborative releases. Young Marco, Animistic Beliefs, GE-OLOGY and upsammy amongst others can be found on the digital EP, which drops on August 3rd through Dekmantel’s Bandcamp-page but can already be pre-ordered now.
After launching a brand new Patta stage at Dekmantel’s Lente Kabinet, the next collaboration between the two organizations marks their Best of Patta x Dekmantel collection. Included in this are their apparel from the past collaborations: from multicolour graphic t-shirts, sun-shielding caps to premium hooded sweaters – it will be available again during this fresh drop. Besides this, Patta and Dekmantel have selected 14 tracks from their previous musical collaborations for a special Best of Patta x Dekmantel (2015-2021) digital release. Music from artists such as Young Marco, Animistic Beliefs, upsammy, Interstellar Funk, GE-OLOGY, Jasmín and many more can be found on this EP. Digital pre-orders are already up and running through Dekmantel’s Bandcamp-page:

The entire Best of Patta x Dekmantel collection is set to be released exclusively at Patta Amsterdam and the Patta mobile app, and online at the www.dekmantel.com & www.patta.nl webshops on Wednesday August 3rd, 13:00 CEST. A limited batch of items will also be available on August 5-7 at the Amsterdamse Bos during Dekmantel Festival.


Release Schedule

In-store (Patta stores in Amsterdam, London & Milaan) and online (Dekmantel and Patta webshops) on Wednesday August 3rd, 13:00 CEST. Digital copies of their Best of Patta x Dekmantel (2015-2022) compilation can be pre-ordered only via Dekmantel’s Bandcamp-page: www.dekmantel.bandcamp.com.

Best of Patta x Dekmantel (2015-2021)

  1. Rimer London – Do Easy [DKMNTLXPATTA09]
  2. Young Marco – The Best I Could Do (With What I Had) [DKMNTLXPATTA01]
  3. Palmbomen II – Theme (Drum Version) [DKMNTLXPATTA10]
  4. GE-OLOGY – Re-Fingered With Love [DKMNTLXPATTA08]
  5. Aardvarck – Kubaa Rumba [DKMNTLXPATTA04]
  6. upsammy – Translucent Edges [DKMNTLXPATTA12]
  7. Tom Trago – Brutal Romance (TT Fix) [DKMNTLXPATTA06]
  8. Mary Lake – Back From Crete [DKMNTLXPATTA13]
  9. Animistic Beliefs – Save Aru Islands [DKMNTLXPATTA12]
  10. Fatima Yamaha – The Creature from Culture Creation [DKMNTLXPATTA01]
  11. Jasmín – Purl Stitch Knitting [DKMNTLXPATTA13]
  12. Makam – The Struggles [DKMNTLXPATTA04]
  13. Darling – Japanter [DKMNTLXPATTA12]
  14. Interstellar Funk – Androids Know Love Too [DKMNTLXPATTA04]

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