Patrice, the visionary singer-songwriter, is set to unveil his highly anticipated ninth studio album, “9,” on November 3rd. Known for his evocative music that transcends genres, Patrice presents an introspective journey intertwined with the symbolism of the number nine.

Patrice, an artist known for his profound creativity, shares his admiration for the number nine, evoking a connection to the color blue. He states, “When I think about nine, I see blue. Maybe because blue hour is so full of potential and faith. The day that lays ahead is only an idea that isn’t spelled out—an idea that can still be anything.” Through this symbolism, Patrice embodies the essence of birth and rebirth, illustrating the exit from one phase and the entrance into a new circle of existence. 

“9” is a manifest to Patrice’s artistic evolution, taking seven years of dedication to complete. The album is a living testament to the philosophy that nothing is ever truly final and complete, mirroring the fluidity of life itself. Patrice embraces the concept of a “nothing is constant but change Oevre,” recognizing that music, like life, is a continuous work in progress. As he elegantly puts it, “Good music hopes to be part of this living thing called life.”

With a profound understanding of the ever-changing nature of existence, Patrice finds solace in concerts, a space to continually refine his craft and strive for perfection. He believes that the pursuit of greatness, while acknowledging the impossibility of absolute perfection, is what drives and unites humanity. 

Patrice’s personal connection to the number nine runs deep, starting with his birth on the 9th – the day his grandfather died. Named “Babatunde, the return of the father,” the theme of rebirth became a guiding force throughout his life. For this album, Patrice embarked on a journey of self-discovery and growth, taking time to deconstruct himself, clean the parts, and reassemble them with a new heart.

The excitement builds as the veil is lifted on “9,” with the single “Stamina“. This captivating track offers a glimpse into the soul-stirring depth and creativity that awaits listeners in the full album.

In “9,” Patrice presents a mesmerizing dance of creation and destruction, encapsulated by a bird’s-eye view of a tornado – the core of great change juxtaposed with profound inner peace.


Interview by Diamonique Oseana

“9” took seven years to complete and appears to be about self-reflection and growth. How do you feel this extended creative process and your personal development influenced the final product?

It’s like pouring more into less. The real work is really in creating a state of mind that allows you to say something meaningful. This can take time. Once you’re in the right frame of mind you can basically do an album in a week or even a day. The album is themed „rebirth“ so I wanted it to feel like a debut album. Therefore I put myself in situations where I was a beginner again.

Were there specific challenges or breakthrough moments during the album creation that you can share?

The breakthrough happened pretty much at the very end once I went to Senegal to make it all make sense. This is where it all came together and was turned into a homogeneous piece of work. My main realization on this album is summed up in the first song titled „become who you are“. I believe we are and will always be a work in progress. A verb rather than a noun. So is this album. It’s a new beginning of an attempt at something.

What can long-time fans expect in terms of musical evolution and style in this album?

Some say it reminds them of my early work. In my own way I‘m blending Afrobeats, reggae
and classic songwriting. And then there are some wild cards.

What kind of understanding or takeaways do you want listeners to derive from the themes explored in your music?

I make music with a view to uplift. If ever it achieves that and connects on a true level I‘m happy.