Exclusivity, passion and Italian craftmanship.These keywords define Pasquale Bruni since 1967, a Maison that became one of the leaders of the Italian jewellery. Each unique piece tells a story.

The profound creativity and the desire to capture the true essence of nature are at the heart of every innovative creation of Pasquale Bruni.Forms that envelop us, seduce us, and leave us impressed by their lightness.Each piece brings deep emotions in all those who wear Pasquale Bruni.

For years, the Maison has been combining the excellence and tradition of Italian goldsmithing with contemporary designs, creating jewellery to wear, live and transmit as inheritance.This season, Pasquale Bruni unveils new treasures in its collections. Pieces that highlight femininity and reflect the beauty of the woman, the intimacy brought to the skin.

New combinations for a collection that transposes emotions into jewellery, where the moonstone becomes the ultimate symbol of femininity: the grey colour represents harmony and the balance between male and female elements, white is for purity, while the pink colour represents unconditional love and positivity. New pieces add to existing collections that tell a story and reveal a creative spirit that aims to exalt not only quality and craftsmanship, but also, and above all, women. These creations embody the pleasure and pride of owning and wearing handmade Italian jewellery