“In nature there is always a miracle of light that meets our eyes; that moment is a Namaste of wonder between us and Creation” – Eugenia Bruni

A collection filled with emotion, like the emotion of light reflected on the body, like the glow of the gold that envelops the woman with a seductive and sophisticated allure. The inspiration came one day in Camogli, Liguria. The magic of the sea bathed in sunlight, the feeling of swimming in the light of a sunrise, a sunset or the moon. Feeling this beauty on the skin. Light everywhere.

The miracle of light in nature caught meditating in an inviting trail of shimmers in the sea gave birth to this masterpiece made of rose gold, enchantment and white diamonds.

The reflection of the sun and moon on the water creates living light and the new Luce collection brings every feeling and emotion to your skin.

Recreating this effect entailed the complex challenge of crafting and maintaining a perfectly geometric, raw-cut round shape in each design. An uncompromising shape recreating the light in motion.
The main feature is the hemisphere in touch with the skin. The line was designed to always be minimal and defined and not to reveal any point of contact creating a harmonious, seamless effect. The aesthetic result has been achieved thanks to a robust structure that is present, but well-concealed in the hemispheres: when one ends the other begins, with an invisible connection.

The most distinctive and innovate piece is the ‘light in me’ sautoir in which necklace and earrings are united in a continuous trail of light that cloaks the woman in mystery and charm. A trail of secrets in which multiple ways of wearing can be discovered that, as if by magic, dress the woman in a new dream. The small shiny round plates along the chain, which is strictly assembled by hand, also vary in size and are positioned at different intervals to create gradient effects that harmoniously accompany the various styles. The elements with diamonds represent the phases of the moon, from half-moon to full moon, and are revealed in the white light of diamonds mirrored in the intimate glow of rose gold.