PARO STORE has taken a different approach to e-retail. Founded in Amsterdam and serving the world, PARO offers a diverse range of independent design-focused brands all of which are driving positive change in the fashion industry. PARO STORE gives equal priority to design and sustainability, so shoppers do not have to compromise on aesthetics or their morals. At launch PARO brings together clothing and accessories for all, from Ullac OY, Mia Larsson, Aëdon, Atmos and Pat Guzik amongst others.

PARO STORE is the idea of two Amsterdam based creatives: Ruth Sutherland and Zoe Patience. Before they met as expats in Amsterdam, Ruth was working as a digital marketing director with Nike and Johnnie Walker and Zoe was a senior merchandiser for Calvin Klein. Their complimentary experience matched a shared frustration with the unsustainable norms of the fashion industry and led them to leave their jobs and focus on creating something different. Their approach to PARO STORE balances being a business with being a catalyst for positive change in the world.  

“We know that most people want to shop in a more sustainable way, but they don’t want to compromise; something we totally understand. We want to change people's mindset by showing them that this really is the most exciting, creative and innovative side of the fashion industry. And it doesn’t involve compromising in any way.” Ruth.

The clothing industry is polluting and exploitative, and its processes deeply entrenched. There is real change happening though, and the most exciting change is being driven by a community of smaller brands and independent designers. Despite increasing demand for sustainable clothing, these brands are difficult for shoppers to find online – where there are increasingly fewer, bigger winners. PARO STORE provides a platform for many such brands and designers to come together. Each brand has its individual space on the site yet gains strength from the exposure delivered as part of a collective. 

Visit PARO STORE here.