Some exciting news from the talented DJ and producer duo Parallelle. They are celebrating their travels through Asia with their newest EP, “A Day In” Asia Pacific Edition. 

Listen HERE

This EP is a culmination of their unique “A Day In” series, where Julien and Thomas, the brilliant minds behind Parallelle, blend real-world sounds from their travels with their distinctive electronic music production. The “A Day In Asia” EP encapsulates the essence of various Asian cultures, transforming everyday sounds – the chatter of a marketplace, the slurping of noodles, the weaving of a basket, Thai boxing punches, ceremonial chants, etc. – into an immersive auditory experience. 

“A Day In” Asia Pacific Highlights:

  • In Fiji, they participate in a traditional Kava Ceremony in Navala Village before venturing upstream the rivers of Pacific Harbour to jam with the Sabeto Choir. 
  • Java met them with abundant flora, warm smiles, and endless temples as Indonesia’s courteous, cultured people introduced the duo to their heritage and taught them to play the iconic Gamelan. 
  • Osaka took Parallelle to Minoo Park before they dove straight into the city center, recording the sounds of exquisite crafts, mouth-watering food and the many traditional instruments of Japan.
  • Bengaluru offered the chance to explore the traditional South Indian Carnatic music with Chik Ballapur musicians playing Nadaswaram, Thavil (percussion), learning about the Yakshagana dancers, and much more. 
  • In Bangkok the duo visited a children’s music school and a nearby community village then took on an exhilarating Thai Boxing training session before indulging in its famous street food culture and jamming with Thai artist duo Nisatiwa.

From the serene chants in the temples of Java to the rhythmic beats of Thai boxing in Bangkok, each track on the EP is a testament to the brothers’ commitment to capturing and preserving the diverse musical heritage found across Asia. The EP includes tracks inspired by their time in Fiji,Java, Osaka, BengaluruandBangkok, offering a unique insight into the local culture and traditions.