The new Parajumpers Spring – Summer 2021 collection features both new families and the iconic ones that have made it famous. This year's collection focuses on the new EVO category, which stands for Evolution. These new models take all the key elements of classic pieces and make them innovative and modern through special treatments, new and innovative fabrics and modern silhouettes.

The EVO men's collection includes two incredible families: PARARESCUE and RELOADED. The first one is made of a durable nylon canvas with polyurethane coating and garment dyeing. The series is inspired by the vintage uniforms of North American rescue squad and is presented in vibrant colors, such as the iconic Carrot.

The Reloaded series takes the classic designs from the Masterpiece collection and gives them a twist, new and different. The micro ottoman nylon undergoes a double dye bath process, one pigment-based and the other is an over-dye in the nylon. This makes the colors more intense and highlights the structure of the jacket.