Italian-born luxury outerwear label, Parajumpers, debuts its Autumn / Winter 2020 campaign celebrating the paths we take in life to expand our physical and mental horizons.

The campaign, titled For Your Journey, launches in conjunction with the AW20 Collection. It features a diverse cast of creatives and artisans based in the rugged beauty of New York’s Catskills Mountains, who push the mental and physical boundaries of discovery. With this collection, Parajumpers’ vision is to celebrate the journeys we each take and the progress we make along the way.

The platform is a statement that Parajumpers is designed For Your Journey. From a product standpoint, it means they create apparel that enables you to withstand the elements on your journey. From a brand standpoint, it means they inspire you to take on new journeys that enrich your life and overall well-being.

Parajumpers’ collection inspires wearers to take on new adventures, casting themselves as the lead character in their own life story. The modernity of the men’s series is defined by new materials, shapes and by outstanding new colors. All shades of deep natural colours are enhanced by details in the unmistakable PJS orange. The women’s series brings together elegance and sportswear through soft, oversized shapes, with a nod to warmth and fashion. The strong materials are emphasized by a variety of colours, from glossy to matt neutral shades, to bright tones.

Through tactical fibers and silhouettes, each piece draws attention to often overlooked details much like the people we briefly interact with, places we pass through and fleeting moments that enrich each of our day to day lives. Parajumpers hopes For Your Journey will open wearers minds to new ways of thinking, living, and interacting with the world.