By Karen van Ede

Dutch scent developer and perfume passionate Jeroen Oude Sogtoen (Mona di Orio, Zenology) and in-house perfumer Fredric Dalman worked three years on a new, breathtaking perfume brand that will be revealed end of this month. Fed up with niche brands and their storytelling, Jeroen decided to do something different, to make scent exciting again. PANTOMIME is a series of perfumes that puts you in the spotlight, not the perfume.

Fascinating, and they do develop
It is the visual counterpart of storytelling: PANTOMIME’s moods are explained in beautiful pictures, generated by AI. Think surrealism, Bauhaus. Each gender neutral scent has its own ‘lead’ synthetic molecule. Fashion and interior designer by background, founder of Maison Mona di Orio Perfumes and Zenology, Jeroen Oude Sogtoen was ready for another chapter. ‘Natural ingredients can be difficult for people, I know. And synthetic ingredients are fascinating. They have been around for decades. So I decided to create scents built around synthetic molecules. Fredric and I worked for about three years on five scents. Each evokes a feeling, an atmosphere, empowered by natural ingredients. So the perfumes do develop, oh yes. Spray on, get on that stage, perform!’

Each scent is an act, so play!
By using AI technology Jeroen gave each scent its own mood: a messy hotelroom in the fifties, a nightclub in the eighties, a rowingclub in 1960’s America. Everything was created in-house in Amsterdam. The scents, the packaging, the coloured bottles. Expect PANTOMIME to be provocative. Not only will the scents make you drift off in a fantasy, the playlist of each of the scents completes the experience. And, expect props in the webshop, who knows. For PANTOMIME is a multi-sensorial voyage. So do scan the qr codes for images and videos.

Act 1
Rome 1954, a luxureous hotel suite. Silk stockings on the floor, red stains on the carpet,
messy sheets.
Intimacy and lust. Figues, a powermusk. Act 1 is like second skin.
Lead: Ambrettolide HC supreme
Supporting: Ambrette Absolute

Act 2
New Haven 1967, a rowing club, early in the morning. The rower is blinded by the light of the
rising sun.
Wood and fresh, clean notes.
Lead: Bisobolene
Supporting: Cardamom Absolute

Act 3
New York, 1981, the Mudd Club. Anarchism, Mapletorphe, fetish, no wave cinema. Expect
to smell polished leather.
This scent has a Patti Smith and poetry vibe.
Lead: Metyl Ione Alpha Extra
Supporting: Oud Loas

Act 4
Parijs, 1976, Club Chez Regine, late at night. Disco reigns. Think of the dressing up, make-up,
more make-up! Smell peach and ripened patchouli.
Lead: Lactone of Cis Jasmone
Supporting: Patchouli Aged 30 years

Act 5
Amdo, 1920, Lake Koko Nor, early in the morning. Calm blue water, a take on aqua scents,
but with vetiver.
Lead note: Vetiverol

Supporting: Galbanium Resinoid
100 ml. eau de parfum € 195
For now PANTOMIME is found exclusively online at
Get yourself a box of five samples, decide which one tickles your fantasy and have it sent to
you, or a friend.