Centrepiece of the La Panthère collection, the panther- head bangle is the highest embodiment of the feline’ssuppleness. A exible bracelet that hugs the wristlike a second skin, magnetic just like the emblematic Panthère de Cartier.

Through this bracelet, with its clean lines and essential design, Cartier cultivates jewellery simplicity, embodied by a bangle made of curved gold, stemming from the head of a sculptural panther with emerald or tsavorite garnet eyes.

A bracelet to mix and match, or pair up, choosing a look that is completely rose gold or yellow gold. Choose from these two versions, diamond paved on the head,or on the head and tail, depending on the model.

Its suppleness stems from the craftsmanship andgold alloys; Cartier explores both the mechanical andintrinsic properties: no internal spring, just a skilfulapproach, an expertise applied to the panther’s design.

A bracelet as close to you as ever, a gift to yourself or for others, one which can be personalised in multiple different ways, with an engraved message, initials, ora date on the inside of the bracelet.

There is also the option to have the Panthère’s red box embossed and personalised with initials or a signi cantdate in a golden tone on the front of the case.