PANDORA ESSENCE is designed to celebrate natural forms and is defined by organic contours and sculptural shapes that reflect inner and outer beauty. This 46-piece collection focuses on pearls accompanied by natural metal forms to represent the wearer’s unique character.

Frédérique Gouzard, Senior Vice President at Pandora, says, “PANDORA ESSENCE highlights the beauty of the natural world and presents a perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. We are delighted to announce the launch of this collection, which, for the first time in Pandora’s history, includes more 14-karat gold-plated pieces than Pandora’s signature sterling silver styles.”

Another first for the brand is the PANDORA ESSENCE ear cuffs, including the infinity ear cuff and the organically shaped circle and pearl ear cuff. Both are versatile silhouettes that wrap around the ear for everyday elegance. The collection features several organically shaped earrings, including open earrings, cultivated pearls, and organically shaped Huggie earrings. The circle and baroque cultivated pearl earrings showcase bold and simplistic styles combined in the design.

The rings and necklaces in the collection have been carefully crafted, with highlights including the layered, organically shaped band ring, the cultivated pearl necklace, and the organically shaped T-bar necklace with organic circles.