Pandora kicks off the new year with a new chapter of craftsmanship and style, with the launch of the Moments Studded Chain. Created by Pandora as a new and unique brand icon. The Moments Studded Chain gives you the options of limitless styling and storytelling; developed more than two decades after the iconic Pandora Snake Chain, which made the Danish brand world-famous.

Combining craftsmanship and innovation in design exclusively for Pandora, the Moments Studded Chain offers a completely different texture for styling your stories. Designed with pyramidal and spherical studs to capture and reflect light, the Moments Studded Chain creates a textural experience in sterling silver. Creative directors A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo explain: “We developed a pattern composed of different geometric shapes, which required new tools and techniques to create what is now a necklace with a unique look.”

Each Studded Chain is made of an outer and a core chain. The outer chain is produced by stamping small silver plates against each other, creating the pyramid and sphere shapes of the pattern. The four individual sections are then folded together and stacked on top of the previous layer in a process unique to Pandora.
Equally striking is the necklace’s new clasp design – a hand-finished sterling silver heart with a spring-back clasp that allows effortless use. The necklace’s new light texture makes it ideal for everyday wear and is available as a bracelet and necklace. Whether you wear it alone as a statement-piece or as a storytelling tool brimming with charms, the new Moments Studded Chain is the ultimate eye-catcher for the new year.

The story of the Pandora brand began in 1982 with the vision of Danish goldsmiths Per and Winnie Enevoldsen and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and the democratisation of quality and design, which remains at the heart of Pandora’s mission today. The design of the new Moments Studded Chain is as inspired by the heritage of the brand’s past as it is the present. If you look closely at the heart clasp you will see an infinity sign, this concept of limitlessness represents the core of the brand, which is still present today. Meet the next iconic necklace that embodies an elegance and powerful symbolism unique to Pandora.