A new Marvel x Pandora collection is launching on the 16th of February 2023  alongside a new digital challenge  

It’s time to bring the action into your style. Inspired by the unexpected heroes,  friendships and fun from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Pandora’s new  collection is filled with characters and symbols fans will love. Comprised of five  charms and one ring, there’s a style for every Marvel x Pandora collector.  

Pandora has collaborated closely with MARVEL artists to bring the spirit of the  Guardians of the Galaxy to life. Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket are captured in  hand-finished sterling silver charms, featuring iconic details and engraved  character quotes. Groot’s signature dance moves come to life through  moveable functionality in the charm’s body. Star-Lord’s Awesome Mix tape is  transfomed into a charm with glossy enamel details. The commitment to  character authenticity, combined with Pandora’s exacting craftsmanship  techniques, creates pieces fans will recognise and want to add to their Marvel x  Pandora collection.  

“With Guardians of the Galaxy, we’re tapping into a new world within the  MARVEL universe, continuing the conversation about what makes someone  a super hero.  

They aren’t your typical heroes, they’re outlaws – so they don’t take themselves  too seriously. To put it simply: turn up your favourite ‘70s playlist and get ready  for a dance-off with lots of attitude” say A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo,  VP Creative Directors of Pandora. 

To celebrate, Pandora is bringing back its digital mini-game, which debuted  in February 2022 for the first Marvel x Pandora collection. Updated with a  Guardians of the Galaxy twist, this mini-game will send fans on a mission  to collect new charms and unite the team of heroes. Players will also get an  exclusive sneak peek at the collection before it officially launches.  

The collection will be available worldwide in stores and online from 16th of  February 2023.