PANCONESI premiered its third short film, “SHRINE”, directed and choreographed by Jordan Robson, and starring Jal Joshua, on March 4th at Atelier Basforoi.

“SHRINE” is a collaborative project merging the creative visions of Marco Panconesi and Jordan Robson.

“SHRINE” consists of three inter-looping scenes exploring the transformative power of jewelry, as it highlights the emotional and alchemical properties of metals, crystals, and gemstones. It presents the idea of adorning oneself with jewelry as an daily intimate ritual and this process acts as a shrine, where one honors and offers objects of beauty and meaning.

Through a ritualistic approach to array, intertwining symbolism and reality, each scene unfolds as a choreographed exploration of the body as an altar within liminal space and time. This transformative act, symbolized by the donning of jewelry – earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces – propels the wearer into a dream state, transcending into a black void and embodying different facets of themselves. The jewelry serves as both artifacts and conduits, reflecting both emotional and physical experiences, harnessing a unique power in the intricate dance of self-discovery.

Jordan Robson focused on movement as a transcendental and ritualistic practice, providing a unique perspective in the performance. With a blend of vogue and contemporary dance styles, the performance can be seen as a meditative and repetitive cathartic release creating an entrancing visual experience.