PAN-POT’s latest offering on Second State Audio pays homage to the duo’s origins. ‘PROTO’ takes on a trio of unique forms, two supplied by PAN-POT, whilst Canadian underground legend Mike Shannon delivers the third.

“We wanted to do something special for the 20th anniversary of PAN-POT, so we jumped back into the studio with our friend Hugh Betcha, who we produced ‘Charly’ with back in 2007, released on Mobillee. Our very first ‘hit’ track that received international recognition” says PAN-POT.

The original mix of ‘PROTO’ wastes no time in getting you re-acquainted with PAN-POT’s vigorous production style, echoing the robustly energetic DJ performances that have seen them attain endless global acclaim. Orbiting the ominous vocal centerpiece, a rhapsody of powerful drums, coarse industrial percussive drive and the modulating envelopes of a savage lead bassline all combine to serve a pulsating peak-time slammer. The lyrics of Proto are the continuation of the original ‘Charly’ track. Just have a listen….

The ‘Stripped’ mix offers a dynamically contrasting persona, built around the hollows of thudding kicks, crisp hat grooves, an acidic bell-type synth lead and a mind-bending sine wave that will challenge your ability to stay on beat with the track’s spurring pace.

Mike Shannon’s remix of ‘PROTO’ takes things deep, groovy and swinging on a minimal tip. Throwing the track from left to right from the outset, its combination of chunky drums, endless layers of percussive movement and rhythmic sub-bass provide a solid core for a kaleidoscope of subtle musical accents that flow throughout the mix. It’s playful, cool, and underground and will keep you on your toes from start to finish.