For PALMER-UK ‘SS24’, William Palmer points us once again to his working class heritage, this time with a playful twist. Captured clearly in his campaign the youthful energy of working class teens with the need of entertaining themselves whilst growing up in a small seaside town in Britain. 

This season PALMER-UK expertly encapsulated versatile and wearable silhouettes into a collection of modern menswear staples. Taking menswear classics such as Polo shirts, button up shirts, hooded tracksuits, English army overalls and re-developed them for the modern youth by adding subtle feminine details and relaxing more the fit. 

You will find new developments of PALMER-UK signature detailing such as the layered piping with frilly ribbon that appears across the tracksuits, floral buttons on the shirts, plus the ruffled plackets and waistbands; softening the tougher side of masculinity. A bright and playful colour palette; perfect for Spring/Summer, including graphic T’s & Tank Tops whose caricature artworks were designed by a local artist Dean Humphries, holding a sense of nostalgia as they point us to the noughties era and the ‘UK’s’ boy racing culture. Ubiquitous branding also comes through confidently this season, with the result showcasing numerous variations of PALMER embroidered logo’s but with an added cute twist of graphic hearts & flowers. 

All this subverts and demasculates the discourse of menswear before it is passed down to a more fluid youth of today. His vision, captured already in two collections, has been exported to respected retailers and worn by the biggest influencers worldwide. PALMER S/S ‘24: is a showcase of a young designer in his stride.

Creative Direction by @palmer__uk  WILLIAM PALMER
Photography by @alexraduan  ALEX RADUAN
Make up by @nicmarilyn   NIC MARILYN