With the opening of the 2023 summer season, Palm Angels lands with a free-standing store in Mykonos, one of the most beautiful and exciting islands in the Mediterranean, and a destination for a cosmopolitan public who choose it every year to spend their holidays attracted by its beautiful beaches and superb sunsets, as well as by its lively nightlife. Located in the center of the chora, at 6 Enoplon Dinameon, Palm Angels’ store, opened in partnership with Simple Caracters Group, a leading international company, which for over 30 years has stood out in the world of fashion in Greece, representing the collections of the most prestigious brands of world luxury.

The new boutique has an “alley-like” structure, with two deep rooms in sequence, a feature due to the particular architecture of the place. Two large windows and the wide glass door overlooking the street give access to natural light, and the store’s particular perspective, a corner with defined volumes and subtle decoration, immediately draws the eye. The white plaster, one of the visual references of Greece, a symbol of the Mediterranean Sea, of integrity and light, has been kept in the exterior and interior, so that the store blends harmoniously into its context, leaving the interior free to express the brand’s identity.

Indeed, in the choice of materials and furnishings the most incisive elements of Palm Angels store style can be found: the stainless-steel racks, the marble tops, the backlit logo and the classic botanical elements, which here explode in the macro graphics of palm trees on the carpets, placed in the center of the rooms. Light sage green is a common theme that runs from the window frames which connect with the city’s stylistic features-to the two carpets to the lacquered wall with a high-gloss finish at the back of the store. Another common element among the spaces are the raffia panels that line the walls, creating an immediate association with a vacation villa overlooking the sea and providing a backdrop for the clothes, which hang from burnished steel racks mounted on the panels, alternating with led-lit shelves.

In addition to all Palm Angels collections, the store will feature a limited-edition capsule dedicated to the island and available only in Mykonos. On walnut or marble displays near the entrance, or floating in white, the spirit of Mykonos will combine with the Palm Angels aesthetic in an atmosphere of absolute ease.