The P of Palm Angels originates in the laid-back Californian style. It is the initial of the iconically silhouetted trees that run along breezy shores standing tall against clear blue skies. Oceans, however, are an invitation to travel, to expand the horizon, keeping one’s individual spirit to gain something new, and ultimately grow. 

The P of Palm Angels, thereafter, today means Paris, too. The liberated mindset is the same that fueled Palm Angels from the very beginning, but the expression gains a French inflection, so to speak; it is more precious, a tad higher. The quest for enhancement, after all, is endless. This is by no means an about-turn: augmented streetwear, which means urban-attuned clothing drenched with utter refinement, is still what Palm Angels stands for. Authenticity is what Francesco Ragazzi proudly fosters, while aiming now for the highest expression possible. Growing up is ultimately all about to continue ahead, while maturity means climbing the steps of life in an upward movement. Palm Angels’ augmented streetwear, thereafter, gets new spin, as the familiar codes and tropes are turned up. In describing his curatorial approach to clothing Francesco Ragazzi has always used the

metaphor of the vintage store as a place where one finds multiple, often disparate items: special pieces whose value is empowered by the proximity with other pieces, where everything comes together. Brought to Paris, the Palm Angels ideal vintage store becomes a cabinet de curiosités, filled with precious ephemera. What stays is the idea of offering a curation of items that are authentic. For Palm Angels, clothing is a means of expression: a medium that glorifies individuality. The recipe is all about reality, with a dash of magic.

This Palm Angels with a capital P, for Paris.