Palm Angels follows an utterly unpredictable agenda. As does Haas F1 Team too. As brands that foster a liberated way of being, Palm Angels and the American F1 Team, whose design studio is based in Italy, accept, and nurture challenges and now announce an unparalleled partnership, of which Palm Angels will function as EntArtainment Curator to defining a new way to join forces.

Shared values and the constant quest to overcome the borders, to go on always believing in yourself, America meets Italy and vice versa in this link up which is a journey that the two brands will travel together in the pursuit of ever new challenges with always positive mindset. Speed is not only a material feature as it belongs to our thought too when we create something special, like this collaboration based on the common history of two young but already iconic houses.

The partnership stems from equally innovative ways to run the respective businesses and is sealed by the claim ‘Right on Track’: a catchy, optimistic, aggregative byword that is also a manifesto and a call to action. Tracks, both figuratively and physically, are the running threads that unite Palm Angels and Haas F1 Team. The F1 tracks but also the iconic Track jacket that’s the Palm Angels’ pillar, a real melting agent, leading with unconventional areas to explore together that are manifold. The daring spirit is there, in a partnership that promises to be truly unprecedented.

‘Our identity lies in multiplicity, and I believe in Palm Angels being essentially a perspective onto things, a diverse but precise point of view. Curation is the right way to define my approach and I do often use an image to describe what we do: many different things that magically come together by the simple fact of being one next to the other. The partnership with Haas F1 Team will allow us to delve in both the material and the immaterial creating a synergy based on optimism and dynamism. These qualities define both Palm Angels as a brand and Haas as a F1 Team. I completely adhere to the belief that speed is an expression of everything positive. We’ll move across different media, and I am sure we will all have great time together”, says Francesco Ragazzi, Palm Angels ‘Founder and Creative Director.

‘I’m excited to welcome Palm Angels to Haas F1 Team and I know it’s a partnership that will bring a totally different dynamic into the Formula 1 paddock, – states Guenther Steiner, Team Principal, Haas F1 Team – As a brand Palm Angels has enjoyed tremendous growth in a short space of time and it’s not been afraid to do things its own way – not unlike Haas F1 Team. We share that synergy and that disruptive nature coming into established industries. The Palm Angels line is based on quality and craftsmanship, a desire to produce the best, and that’s our focus too competing in Formula 1, it’s an obvious alignment between our two companies. More importantly, I know we’re going to have a lot of fun and engagement promoting this partnership – it’ll be a creative and collaborative relationship a bit different to what’s gone before”.The Palm Angels and Haas F1 Team partnership will officially debut early 2023 with the start of the new F1 championship, to being always ‘Right on Track’.