Los Angeles based trio Palaye Royale announced the release of their fourth album studio “Death or Glory” set for August 30th. To give us a taste of the upcoming record, a new single “Showbiz” was shared alongside a video via Sumerian Records. And like two good news don’t come alone, the band announced a US tour later this year. 

“Death or Glory” takes us on a transformative and grandiose musical journey. Thought as an anthem to resilience and self-discovery, the album reflects the band’s artistic evolution and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of glam-rock. By adding influences taken from the art-punk & brit-pop scenes to their personal sound, Palaye Royale created their own distinctive world.

Vocalist Remington Leith, guitarist Sebastian Danzig and drummer Emerson Barrett categorized the album as evoking “those split seconds of uncertainty”, those floating moments of in-betweenness where chaos meets harmony. The artistic growth of the trio shines through their devoted following, with over 400 million streams and above 35 million YouTube.Their relentless dedication to their craft and distinct visual and musical identity have set them apart as one of the most innovative acts in contemporary rock. 

Pre-order the album “Death or Glory” here.