#IAmOlympéa is for people with passion: the winners of each day, the go-getters. Those who let go and learn again, those who fall down and get up again, stronger than before. Whoever you are, join the motto and go all out for the victory.

A victory with a new face, which is also available outside sport and speaks the universal language of those who want to achieve and overcome. #IAmOlympéa transcends the individual and becomes one movement that lives in the sign of strength.

Meet the new face of Olympéa: Luna Bijl. Greatness is about taking risks. Paco Rabanne knows that, and so does Luna Bijl. Luna Bijl, 24 years old and born in the Netherlands, is a model. In the new TV spot, she is appropriately dressed in a metallic robe: Paco Rabanne’s “golden girl”. She is currently in the Top 50 models in the fashion industry, where she will undoubtedly soon reach stratospheric heights. At first, you’ll be enchanted by her hypnotic gaze and understated glamour, but wait until she tells you about her passions. Behind her effortless, understated elegance is a fearless practitioner of motocross and kickboxing: a formidable force of nature!

Smelling is believing. Never have you breathed in a haze of sensuality as full of light as Olympéa Solar. For this radiant new fragrance, perfumer Anne Flipo worked with a marvellous olfactory image: a field of flowers glittering under the sun in its zenith. For this image, she writes the code. It begins with bright citrus: the sparkling energy of mandarin orange peel and orange that feels like a smile that is familiar and overwhelming. Associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics, Paco Rabanne orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, happiness and determination. In heraldry, the colour refers to strength and endurance. Soon, the top notes evolve into a majestic sun accord with ravishing ylang-ylang, bright and intoxicating white blossom and exotic, sensual gardenia in the heart. A symbol of purity and softness, the gardenia has been considered a lucky charm since the 18th century. Not that Olympia needs it. She knows what she has to do.
The mineral notes of oakmoss hint at a sense of invincibility, which is reinforced by the addition of aromatic benzoin to the base. This creates the subtle contrast of a dazzling floral bouquet with captivatingly sexy aromatics. The fragrance is composed of 90% of ingredients of natural origin. It is a vegan fragrance in harmony with the earth, just like it. The earth, just like her. For sure, Olympéa Solar will transport you to that perfect sunny spot on a bright day. The fragrance is sexy and meant to connect you with your inner beauty.