The future belongs to the fearless. Welcome to the new chapter for Invictus. From the intoxicating trail of the iconic power fragrance, a new, daring expression emerges. A standout fragrance for the newest players: Invictus Platinum, one step closer to greatness.

Platinum is bigger, more striking and more intense than ever  – we can literally smell the victory. An uplifting fragrance for strivers with epic dreams. For everyone who gives the best of themselves. We don’t want to give too much away, but it’s Invictus in Rabanne square, extra tantalizing and all set to take on new challenges. Invictus Platinum is the surprising new Eau de Parfum by Paco Rabanne, inspired by sports legends who never gave up and composed by Domitille Michalon-Bertier, exclusively for those who don’t shy away from a challenge. 
With the focus (and heart) purely on the winners of everyday life, perfumer Domitille has created a fragrance reminiscent of daring, of liquefied energy. It is a fragrance that stimulates the senses and encourages you to explore your limits. Intended as a means of invigorating grandeur, this invigorating elixir begins with an explosion of elegant lavender, whose flowers represent purity, grace and devotion. The beautiful purple of lavender is also associated with the crown chakra, where energy is concentrated toward a higher purpose.  

Then an intense, minty freshness that stands for honor in the floral language. As the climax approaches, an energizing note of grapefruit with a wormwood (absinthe) edge transitions into the rich, masculine notes of patchouli, providing anchorage and balance, alongside cypress , the tree that connects the earth with its impressive height. and the universe, prompting us to reflect on the deeper meaning of life.  A woody end note is the perfect ending to this complex cocktail of strength and confidence. For the new Invictus man.
An aromatic, earthy and addictive Eau de Parfum with even a nod to the original Invictus (the hero of heroes), the new Platinum pits a dense minerality against something smoky, giving this line of fragrances a more contemporary signature that in its own power state. Of course, the fragrance is vegan and consists of ingredients of 90% natural origin that come from the earth that also supports and shapes us. 
Invictus Platinum will be available from May 9, 2022.