Pacha opens the season at the party Metropole Ibiza. – and we were there to witness it.

We all know Ibiza as the metropole of parties. And one club that really contributed to this reputation already back in the 70s was Pacha. Back then, Pacha was a place that offered celebration, harmony, freedom and peace to the people. Today the club combines both: peaceful unity and fantastic Ibiza parties.

We were invited to join the opening of this season with Pacha – and it was spectacular. 
As someone who has never been to Ibiza before, and is used to the Dutch techno scene, this little trip to the island finally made me understand why Ibiza is so special. The club nights here are a colorful, celebrated journey through the night.

With the elegant El Hotel Pacha across the street and only 20 20-minute walk to the old part of Ibiza Town, Dalt Vila, we were at the perfect location to experience the iconic party scene of Ibiza and the cultural Spanish side of the island. As we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted with a refreshing beverage and a cozy yet chic hotel room. Upon arrival, the hotel surprised us with merchandise, chocolates and juicy cherries – all in the theme of Pacha.

After a delicious dinner at El Hotel Pacha restaurant with the Media Nanny team, we got ready to go to the opening of Flower Power. Entering the club took us immediately out of our everyday life and immersed us into the magical sphere of Pacha. With the floor covered in LED spots that made us feel like walking through the Milky Way and dancing visuals on the walls into the club.

The opening party for the 2024 Flower Power season started with an extreme extravaganza and we loved it.
Bora Uzer played his first set as resident of Flower Power for the season, accompanied on the lineup by Kiddy Smile and an iconic guest appearance of the legendary Superstar Sophie Ellis-Bextor. 

Sophie Ellis-Bextor some performed iconic disco songs and as a grand finale, her super popular song: “Murder on the Dancefloor”. 
After her performance the French DJ Kiddy Smile continued his set of a blend between disco and house music preparing for the new resident of flower power, Bora Uzer, to take over the DJ booth. Bora closed the night with a mix of different genres, showing off his DJ skills while singing and mixing live instruments into it. The whole night was a true experience of what Flower Power stands for: unity, acceptance, joy and dance.

Linda: Bora, Flower Power is introduced to embody the themes of peace, love, and unity. How do you incorporate these celebratory concepts into your music and live performances at Pacha Ibiza?

“I think those concepts are the core, you cannot make music without those.“

Bora Uzer

The Pacha Ibiza club was transformed into a festival experience with colorful light shows and visuals supported by incredible dance performances that alone were already worth the visit. The vibes were immaculate and hard to compare to anything that I had experienced at any party before.
The day after the opening, we were offered the chance to talk to Bora about his ambitions, the meaning of flower power and his unique musical talent.

Demet: Your performances stand out to us for their emotional depth and unconventionally innovative style. On both a musical and personal level, could you share some of the unexpected influences and inspirations behind your music and live shows?

My live performance happens in that moment. I don’t get prepared, I don’t want to know what I am doing because if I know what I am doing it gets boring. And if I am bored, you will be bored. So, to keep everything fresh, I need to just jump in there.”

“I just look at them (music tracks) like colours, I operate this in colours. And I just look at the audience, like we can go to green now, or let’s go to yellow, or ohh it’s really hot now so lets go to red, you know so, I operate with colours.”

I have to not know what’s coming. And that keeps me fresh, and I think that touches people – that truth that you are not pretending. With all the mistakes, all the goodies, everything, it’s just there, in front of you. I think people dig that nowadays. I think with AI is coming up nowadays – I love it, it’s great, but one thing that AI cannot do is what I am doing. Unpredictability. You can’t predict what is going to happen, because I don’t know what is going to happen – so how are you supposed to know?”

Bora Uzer

The second night of our visit, we were invited to go to the all-nighter of the legendary DJ trio Keinemusik at Pacha Ibiza. As we entered the room, it had already transformed, matching the vibe of Keinemusik’s identity. I was almost surprised by the versatility the venue offers. 

The Keinemusik takeover of Pacha Ibiza had been sold out within 24 hours and everyone that got lucky enough to get a ticket was there from the very beginning until the very end. The trio of Keinemusik, consisting of &ME, Rampa and Adam Port, did not disappoint the crowd. Their set left room for each one of them to show off their unique skills and individual sounds while creating a seamless flow. Everyone danced until after hours, because nobody wanted to leave when the party ended. Keinemusik added one whole hour to their set to get the most of the night. 

But there is more to Pacha than Flower Power every Saturday or the Keinemusik Take-over. This summer Pacha will host a series of limited events with artists like Anitta, Peggy Gou, Hugel, Roger Sanchez, ANTOR, Kölsch and Ida Engberg, Ben Böhmer, Loco Dice, Purple Disco Machine, Dixon and Jimi Jules, Adriatique, WhoMadeWho and many more. Additionally to these treats, Pacha Ibiza secured some world-renowned residents such as CamelPhat, Bedouin, Robin Shulz, Solomon and Marco Carola.

Don’t sleep on the ecstatic nights you could have at Pacha Ibiza and get your tickets HERE.
You also have the chance to upgrade your experience at the club by booking VIP tables beforehand and enjoy the bottle service, priority entry and the perfect view on the DJ booth and dancefloor.

But Pacha Ibiza is not the only option during the night: Every Monday from 12 pm to 7 pm, there is the chance to go to a Monday pool day celebration called ‘Wet Cherries’. ‘Wet Cherries’ usually has headliner DJs and entertainment. And the party does not only have to happen in the pool. There are cabanas and sunbed options that can make the party more relaxed.
And for everyone needing a place to relax in between the celebrations, Destino Pacha is the place to stay for you. The luxury resort has a special offer for their guests: ‘Pay 3 Stay 4’. So, if you are staying on this gorgeous Island at Destino Pacha, you will not only be surrounded by luxury and beauty – but you will also have no excuse not to stay for one night more.

Even though the trip to Ibiza was just for a weekend, I’ve been checking tickets back already. Flower Power and Keinemusik taking over Pacha Ibiza were two nights of colors, joy and dancing. I cannot wait to be back.

photography RAUL SANCHEZ