Over the Moon, Max Zara Sterck’s latest SS24 collection, is a celebration of ecstatic joy and connection with nature.

Originated with the idea of incorporating an earth element, the use of sand was the starting point for the recent campaign’s visuals. Throughout the process, the founder Max Zara Sterck decided that the collection aligned more with the moon aesthetic. Inspired by the glimmering beauty of the bright moon upon us, the eternal gratitude and the beauty of reflection are celebrated within the unique lines of the looks.

After a period of intensity and overwhelm, Max Zara opted for herself and sought peace in nature, which has always been a source of inspiration for the designer. After this period of reflection, the brand returns with fresh energy, renewed strategy aligned with natural cycle, rather than the fast-paced rhythms of the fashion industry. The collection successfully highlights the positive growth experienced since the release of the first designs, dating back to 2023.

Over the Moon emphasises the connection with the moon, nature, and feminine power. In other words, it marks a return to the brand’s core values, where the shapes of the clothes and movement remain in the spotlight. With this campaign, Max Zara Sterck aims not only to present clothes, but also to convey a message of balance, connection, and authenticity to the audience.

Simultaneously, Max Zara introduces Embody Your Expression, a programme dedicated to supporting female creative entrepreneurs in their internal processes in creativity and sensuality with self-expression as a goal.

The collection is available from 14 March via the brand’s website.

Model @jeskevdpal @skinsmodels
Photography @amandaelisek
Styling @constantdeboer @fleurvanderschilt
Hair Stylist @scottstarrenburg
Make up Artist @romy_legger
Set @hein_vanden_heuvel
Assistant @emmaolivaa

Photography: @barriehullegie Styling: Constant de Boer & Fleur van der Schilt @constantdeboer @fleurvanderschilt
Casting Director: Michiel van Maaren @michielvanmaaren
Hair: Scott Starrenburg @scottstarrenburg
MakeUp: Romy Legger @romy_legger
Model 1: Malin @malingroeneveld
Model 2: Roos @roosschreiner
Model 3: Jenn @jwrxu
Dressers: Frida Dekker & Emma Olivia @fri3tj3 @emmaolivaa
Jewels in collab with @tweek_eek