Celebrating the vibrant richness of Norwegian fashion, our article explores the enchanting realm of Oslo Runway. For Numero NL, we travelled to Oslo during Oslo Runway, to discover the best talents of the Norwegian fashion industry. Oslo Runway is indeed a testament to the purity, innovation and creative ingenuity that define this dynamic fashion landscape.

The DS Fashion Talent Award and Oslo Runway NEXT opened Oslo Runway with great success

The award ceremony took place at Sentralen as part of Oslo Runway. Four selected graduate students from the design schools KHIO, Esmond, Oslo Met and SOFI were chosen to present their graduate collections, receiving great cheers from the audience. The students were selected by a jury made up of Norway’s most prominent opinion leaders in fashion and design. After everyone had presented their designs and concepts, Ingrid Petterson was announced as the winner of DS Fashion Talent Award.

Margaret Abeshu defines her interdisciplinary practice between critical theory, art and fashion in a popular cultural context. The basis of her work comes from fragmented memories both from growing up in Ethiopia and collective perspectives linked to the Afro-diaspora.

ILAG, a colorful fashion show

ILAG is a Norwegian brand, established in 2020. The idea sprang from a desire to create more sustainable made, relaxed and fun pieces of clothing. ILAG everyday outfits are pretty, comfortable and versatile enough to be worn both at work, in social gatherings as well as at home.

Springsummer 2023 collection is named VÆRE ILAG, meaning “be together”.This collection were designed when Putin invaded Ukraine, and creative director, Renate Nipe, felt numb and that everything were without meaning. Nipe spent a lot of thought trying to find out what her inspiration for this particular collection should be. When everything seems hopeless, optimism, hope and being with family and friends is perhaps what gets us on in life.

The marine orchestra of Pearl Octopuss.y

Pearl Octopuss.y is an Oslo based jewellery brand, established and crafted by Cathrine Boerter.
With a soft spot for the eccentric and bold, Pearl Octopuss.y seeks to connect with the customer that endures a love for the maximal. The pieces are handmade with an obsessive care for detail, craftsmanship and the nostalgia of owning something unique. Cathrine Boerter has been working as a women’s wear designer in Oslo for almost a decade, until she started making her own jewellery – almost by accident during her maternity leave.

Immersed in the intimacy of an artist’s studio, the new collection was presented to the rhythm of a live musical performance, a violin concerto like no other. An enchanting melody, just like the collection of jewelry and upcycled clothing.

The underground fashion show of Enveloppe 1976

Envelope1976 is a high fashion brand from Oslo, Norway. Designed for a modern, and quality conscious woman with a sustainable approach. The brand is all about sustainability, as they find it crucial to change the attitude towards production and consumption in the fashion industry. The brands DNA is built on their choice of materials, design and color palette – all timeless, eco-conscious and natural.

Delicious lunch with byTiMo

ByTiMo creates garments honestly and with integrity, bringing modern romance to timeless craftsmanship.Tine Mollatt, byTiMo’s founder and creative director, created byTiMo in 2004 with the vision to offer high quality clothing at justifiable prices, without compromising her beliefs.
The styles are inspired by vintage fashion, fabrics and silhouettes, and are made with special attention to detail and tailoring techniques. Colours and prints are unique and made in-house, ensuring an exclusive finish.

ONE and OTHER Spring Summer 2023

Since its inception in 2017, ONE and OTHER has developed sustainable, quality garments with a simple, Nordic approach to luxury. The brand has been successful in a number of European markets with its timeless silhouettes.
Bringing you creative reinventions of wardrobe classics, One and Other allows for the individual wearer to create their own unique expression.

They aim to introduce collections that are minimal, in a monochrome color palette and with strong attention to elevated details. The quality of the garments is something they take seriously, as they want women to feel comfortable, as well as have a sense of pride in their new investment. Strongly influenced by the Scandinavian climate, their signature pieces such as the cable knit sweater and oversized coat, are staples perfectly fit for layering.
A way to embrace Scandinavian simplicity and contemporary femininity.

Our favorite street-style pictures, illustrating the spirit of the Norvegian fashion