We had a delight speaking and working with Herizen, captured by Jack Waterlot.

Tell our readers who you are in your own words.

Creative creature looking for the next adventure :P.

What is your first memory of acting and music?

My first memory of acting was when I was about 8 playing ‘Mustardseed’ in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” As far as music, I’ve been singing since I could talk, and fell more in love with it watching my dad perform on stage. 

Among all the roles you have played so far, which one embodies your personality the most?

Playing ‘Oshun’ in AMERICAN GODS was such a special moment for me, I felt a connection to my childhood/womanhood I’ve never felt before. It was a beautiful spiritual experience.

What gives you confidence? 

Knowing where I come from, who I am, and that feeling of pride when I close my eyes and think about the hard work it took for me to get to where I am, without sacrificing my integrity. 

Who is the one voice that has inspired you the most in your personal life and your career?

My mother. She’s always been there pushing me to stay true and keep my eye on my goal/vision. 

What is the most daring thing you did recently and tell us something that is not on your resume?

Last year when I visited my father in Costa Rica, I sat in the same spot every day on that beach staring at this island that was a little over a mile out in the water. Every day I told myself “I’m not leaving Costa Rica without swimming to that island” and every day for those 3 weeks it was like chanting an obsession. Finally, on the last day I did it! It was scary as hell and I freaked out in the middle there for a bit, but finally surrendered to the ocean and I completed my journey. When I got back to the shore, I felt a wave of courage and strength wash over me, and since then whenever I feel fear or weakness I think about that island, and it helps me move forward. 

What is your personal motto?

I’ve noticed it changes, but right now it’s “time is on your side.” I think it’s really important to have this relationship with time, because for women especially, it can feel like it’s our enemy when it’s not, it’s just our mentality. 

What are your upcoming projects for this year?

AMERICAN GODS is currently streaming on Starz, and I’m working on my next music project that I’m very excited to share. I also have jewelry that I will be releasing alongside my music project :).

Why acting and why music? What inspired you to embark on a career in this industry?

Music has always been my reason for being alive, and acting was a happy accident… a very happy accident. 

What is your work of art about and what does it mean to you?

It’s about expression of one’s true self and not being afraid to feel/share pain. It means everything to me and I’m very grateful to be able to do this as a career and maybe, with my deepest hope, it can help someone else with their pain too. 

With work you have traveled a lot. What are some of the favourite places you have seen and been to so far and why?

I filmed an indie film called THE LOST HUSBAND about two years ago in Texas. We were filming on location in this cute little town called Roundtop, it was absolutely beautiful. I very much enjoyed listening to the crickets and the song that the wind sings at night. Being able to look up to the sky and seeing stars go on for eternity was magical. 

What is your biggest outtake from last year?

You can’t take this life for granted, it’s imperative that you soak up the moments you share with your loved ones, hold them in a special place in your heart, and tell them you love them as often as you can because you never know what tomorrow brings. 

As the theme of our Spring & Summer season is ELEMENTS and it is about sustainability, nature. Tell us about your perspective on sustainability and environment.


I think keeping a garden is something that everyone should learn. We had one last Spring and have started planting for this upcoming one 🙂 It’s a meditation and an honor to put back into the earth that we take so much from and show it the love it deserves. Keeping an environmentally aware home is something that no one should get away with not doing. We all have to do our jobs to keep our planet alive. After all, it’s our home and the only one we have. 

Tell us about your recently released debut EP.

Demon, my most recent EP, is very special to me. It’s about heartbreak, anger, and redemption. I’m grateful to the person who hurt me because without them, I wouldn’t have been able to share this project with the world. We all have our “hellboy” and we should be grateful to them for their lessons. 


Photo: Jack Waterlot

talent: Herizen

Styling : Jean Chung
Make up : Frankie Boyd
Hair : Rita Marmor
Nails : Dohee Bahn 
Casting: Timi Letonja

Timotej Letonja