Oumayma Boumeshouli captured by Aicha Abdoun

While traveling, we try to embrace and be aware of our surroundings with its unique characteristics as much as possible. Our road trip through Mexico is the backdrop of our visual story for Numéro Netherlands. Modelled by @oumaymaboumeshouli , wearing @casablancabrand and captured by me @aichaabdoun 

(20.1401977, -87.4613265) 
(20.1394867, -87.4611017)
(21.3981436, -98.9970856)
(20.7441703, -99.9427755)
(20.7394979, -99.9388216)

Photography: Aicha Abdoun
Styling & model: Oumayma el boumeshouli
Fashion items: Casablanca
Editor: Timi Letonja 

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