On the 6th of May OSCAM presents the exhibition ‘A glimpse of us, Marhaba’ by Maha Eljak. The exhibition will be showcasing the documentation of the return to her homeland of Sudan after a five-year absence, armed only with a notebook and a camera.

Maha Eljak is an artist, model, and artist. You might know her from the DIY punk zine ‘Mahazine’ which was published nearly two years ago. Eljak draws inspiration from the punk era of the 1970s, her Sudanese roots, and the frustrations of daily life in society. She is known for her unconventional artistic viewpoint and continually seeks out new creative outlets to express herself, in order to confront the realities of everyday life and overcome negative emotions. Through her passions and interests, Eljak hopes to create a conscious and aware world that recognizes that people are more than their religion or appearance.

This exhibition will display a completely analogue existence of the artist experience in Sudan through her own tender perspective, capturing intimate insights that are often invisible to outsiders. Her resulting reportage is presented from the 6th of May till the 22nd of July in Oscam. You can find the ticket link and more information here.