Ora-ïto, visionary of design, unveiled a new dimension of the creative world. In collaboration with the Maison de Cachemire Bompard, Ora-ïto is launching a unisex cashmere collection, combining architectural boldness with contemporary design. Each creation embodies the fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and unrestrained creativity.

Ora-ïto has for a long time shared a special connection with Bompard as he has worn the brand’s wonderful cashmere products for years. Inspired by his early success in virtual fashion accessories, Ora-ïto has collaborated with the Maison Bompard design team, resulting in a co-signed collection after nearly a year of dedicated work. This collection introduces Ora-ïto’s first steps in the world of ready-to-wear fashion. A new logo was designed, to start a long-lasting relationship between the two brands.

The cashmere collection made of almost 20 references beautifully blends contemporary elements, resulting in a new futuristic classic. Ora-ito’s creative philosophy revolves around minimalism, futuristic design, and the use of noble materials, that can be seen on the iconic dress of the collection or the reversible trousers. Concerning the collection’s inspirations, it was drawn from the female body and Le Corbusier’s Modulor architecture. The beige color is inspired by the MaMo, Ora-ito’s art center, and the color palette reflects the influence of the Cité Radieuse. The collection’s voluminous language reflects Ora-ïto’s architectural background and Bompard’s eco-conscious approach to material usage. The collaboration yields exquisite products with couture finishes, displaying intricate details and employing intarsia techniques, epitomizing an understated yet luxurious aesthetic.