When Levi Strauss released his 501® jeans, he could never have imagined that this simple work pant would become a timeless, iconic garment. The original item served as a template for all subsequent jeans and has been cherished by generations. The 501® family has grown strong over the years, spreading across all continents. It’s not just a pair of pants; it’s a canvas for self-expression. In honor of this significant milestone and the enduring power of authentic self-expression, Levi’s® is introducing a whole range of new finishes and fits. Expect special anniversary selvedge, banner motifs, vintage craftsmanship, optimistic colors, wax coatings, and striking embellishments from the extensive 501® family.

Anniversary Selvedge

May 20th refers to the day in 1873 when Levi Strauss & Co. obtained a patent for riveting pants. Hence, Levi’s® pays tribute to this historic event and their heritage in May of this year. They do so in the purest form with a sleek Shrink-to-Fit™ anniversary selvedge denim for the 501® Originals, both in men’s and women’s styles. The anniversary selvedge is a homage to the original production style of the 501® jeans, featuring a special selvedge thread interwoven with “150 years 501® jeans.” With that unique detail and pronounced wash, the jeans have all the elements of an exclusive birthday celebration.

Vintage Craftsmanship

In addition to the anniversary selvedge denim, a mix of vintage craftsmanship and patchwork finishes appear on various 501® Originals, ’90s, Shorts, and Trucker Jackets. These eye-catching denim items, with organic handwork and repairs, natural breakdowns, and authentic pieces, exemplify innovation. Vintage craftsmanship draws inspiration from the popularity of the 501® jeans and the many ways people customize and alter their jeans into a unique, powerful expression of personal style. A second-hand and DIY touch for jeans tailored entirely to the individual wearing them.

Banner Motifs

Levi’s® also found inspiration in their extensive archive and advertisements from the ’30s to ’50s. The complete looks they release in May with the iconic banner motif pay homage to the history of print. The Banner Trucker, 501® Banner ’90s Shorts, 501® Banner Jeans, and 501® Banner Shorts are perfect for layering, creating hookup looks, or adding accents to the classic 501® Original. The dynamic new prints on classics from the 501® collection feature vibrant, proud colors as a clear statement of being yourself.

International 501® Jeans

In May, Levi’s® celebrates the 501® jeans as a global phenomenon. They do so with an international limited-edition 501® selvedge jeans in a sleek Shrink-to-Fit™ style, available for both men and women. These jeans incorporate all the typical denim elements, such as the iconic red label, rivets, leather patches, and pocket flashers in six languages: Katakana/Japanese, Chinese/Simplified Chinese, Hangugeo/Korean, French, Spanish, and Hindi. This unique perspective of diversity reflects the global appeal of the most iconic jeans ever, tailored to different countries and cultures.