Amsterdam-based artist and singer-songwriter, Oliver Aron, describes his journey to acceptance of a world that never felt his own. As a ten-year-old, Oliver and his parents moved from Chile to Holland, in search of a better life. However, leaving behind all he knew and being thrown into a foreign world instead meant dealing with abandonment and isolation in a society in which he never seemed to fit in.

In the first years after coming to the Netherlands, Oliver felt like an imposter in someone else’s life. Living – or, rather, surviving – in a country with a different culture, language, and social norms were the ingredients for a profound feeling of disconnect, misunderstanding, and, ultimately, loneliness. At the same time, Oliver was struggling to grasp his own views on love, sexuality, and personal connection. Compounded by abandonment by one of his parents, life constantly felt like shifting sand, never able to get any sort of grasp, acceptance, or sense of control of the world surrounding him.

Instead of persistently failing to conform to the world around him, Oliver decided to generate his own world: a personal place of calm and peace that provided him with a sense of stability and consistency. This place is Gypsyland, the title of his debut single. “I always felt underestimated and not living up to my potential, but never seemed to gel with the world around me, at least not as easily as others seemed to do. I just needed some stability, a place of strength to grow from. At some point I just decided I had to generate that place myself.” The song “Gypsyland” describes this self-designed world of peace and how embracing this world also meant accepting that the real world simply doesn’t conform to who you are.

The song reconstructs the painful echoes of abandonment, taking the listener from pain to power with a dreamy production. “Went up in flames to burn into gold and know who I am today. “I lost a lot but won myself as a person and artist. “I’m a manchild in Gypsyland.” Nowadays I’m grateful. This experience truly helped me find myself as a person and artist. I’m lost but I’m happily lost. Gypsyland is a dreamy and vibrant song with a grungy production, it leaves the listener in suspense with an explosive open end. It is a leap of faith from a space of darkness, to an unknown place without guidance or confirmation.

Gypsyland is the first single from Oliver’s upcoming debut EP “DRAMA KING.”