This April, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN presents and launches Sofia Lynggaard Normann’s – the third generation of designers at the family brand – first fine jewellery collections: Under the Sea and Young Fish.

Sofia’s designs are inspired by her diving days in Australia and the world below the surface of the ocean. A world where light brings colours to life. A world that is always in motion.

The collection, inspired by the powerful motions of the ocean and shapes in the sand, consists of bangles, earrings, and rings in infinite, organic shapes. These wavy designs carry a playful touch and an edgy elegance.

This collection is inspired by the universe below the surface of the ocean, interpreting creatures and textures of the ocean in playful designs with quirky details. Particularly, the pearl of the Young Fish ring bounces on a single touch, and the earrings can be styled with a variety of changeable pendants.

Every piece of jewellery is crafted from 18 karat yellow gold and diamonds. Selected pieces are set with pearls and precious gemstones in colourful tones.

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