Behind every successful woman is a supportive man – or maybe more. Proudly unveiling a new collection of men’s and unisex jewellery, Charlotte Lynggaard pays tribute to the men closest to her. Each piece in the collection was originally a gift for a male member of the Lynggaard family.


The stunning braided cuff bracelet was originally a gift to Charlotte Lynggaard’s husband of 25 years, company CCO Michel Normann. The original wide silver bracelet has grown into a selection of open bracelets and open rings, masterfully crafted from Sterling silver and 18K white and yellow gold. Designed to t men and women alike, the braided trophy bracelet is available in two widths.


The designer created the stamped cuff bracelet as a Christmas present for her son, Julius. Each tiny stamp subtly greets one of the men in the Lynggaard family. The sh re ects Julius’ personality – attentiveness and love of the ocean. The scull is a favourite motif of Charlotte Lynggaard’s brother, brand CEO Søren Lynggaard. Another stamp illustrates founder Ole Lynggaard’s love of nature. The evil eye stamp is meant to protect and watch over the person wearing the bracelet.

All Julius bracelets are available in silver and 18K white and yellow gold. The selection also includes a wide ring, elaborately stamped and crafted from 18K gold.

Life Bracelets:

Developing her vastly successful collection of Life bracelets, Charlotte Lynggaard’s new and bigger addition to the Life family is indeed larger than life. The perfect addition to a watch or styled with an open bangle, the new Life bracelet is designed with a large hook lock crafted from 18K yellow or white gold. The hand-knotted string bracelet is slightly thicker than smaller Life bracelet.

Founder's Keepers:

Founder Ole Lynggaard is a classic gentleman, who prefers classic gentleman’s jewellery. His sculptural cuf ink designs are beautiful gifts for quality-conscious men of all ages.

Men’s Collection is available with retailers and in agship store worldwide from May 2020.