OGUZ, a fusion of Dutch upbringing and Turkish heritage, has been carving out a path in the electronic music scene for almost a decade now. Having become a prominent figure in the global Techno realm, enthralling audiences with his entrancing sets and groundbreaking productions. With the creation of 808 STUDIOS, his innovative record label and creative collective, OGUZ is ushering in a new era where art and music converge. The Summer Series, now unveiling its fourth track, is a six-part series, igniting the path ahead, promising a vibrant symphony of sound and vision.

Listen to the single “TOKYO SZN” here.

Next up on 808 STUDIOS is the dynamic, ‘TOKYO SZN’. Produced in collaboration with Belgian DJ and producer, Farrago. Swirling, high pitched synth keys open the track, paired by a menacing bass line. With a dominating big room sound, a barrage of snares and hi-hats ring out. Shifting kick drum patterns forces the energy to push and pull with jolting fluctuations. While indiscernible vocals and choir samples bring a touch of humanity as they dance over blistering acid lines and percussions. Certainly one of the most dynamic releases on 808 STUDIOS today.

Released on September 8th, ‘TOKYO SZN’ stands as the fourth release from the ever growing 808 STUDIOS. Passionate about nurturing undiscovered talent, OGUZ has orchestrated the label to drive electronic music and its rising artists forward. The label’s philosophy, reflective of OGUZ’s artistic journey, embraces diverse emotions over rigid genres, ensuring each release carries a distinctive and resonant touch.

“I hope to connect cultures and styles as well as provide a platform for artists to showcase. It’s mind blowing to see the enthusiasm of my audience about this project.”


OGUZ is rapidly forging a name not just as a DJ, but also as a formidable producer. Tracks like ‘GOLDEN SZN’ and ‘FC Horsepower’ have amassed millions of plays, catapulting him to the forefront of today’s electronic music producers. With six bi-weekly releases leading up to October, OGUZ is infusing 808 STUDIOS with his unmistakable purpose and drive that has led him to where he stands today.