Born and raised in the Netherlands with his roots firmly planted in Turkey, OGUZ has been forging a path in the electronic music scene for almost a decade. Hailing from just outside of Amsterdam, OGUZ has become a driving force in the international Techno scene, captivating audiences with his mesmerising sets and innovative productions. With hints and references appearing in images and artworks, a mass of anticipation has built up which is now culminating with the announcement of his new label & creative collective. 808 STUDIOS aims to become a standard bearer in the world of art and music, kicking off with a stacked string of releases in OGUZ’s six part Summer Series. With the very first track on the label being ‘PLATINUM SZN’. 

OGUZ has gained a strong reputation for his productions as well as his DJ sets. With tracks like ‘GOLDEN SZN’ and ‘FC Horsepower’ amassing millions of plays, he has quickly become one of the leading producers in electronic music today. ‘PLATINUM SZN’ marks the birth of his own label and creative collective, 808 STUDIOS. With six releases coming every two weeks until October, much like his music, OGUZ is starting 808 STUDIOS with purpose and determination. 

First on the label is ‘PLATINUM SZN’, starting with ethereal keys and a meandering baseline before growing more distorted and harsh. The slow pace is then ramped up by a flurry of percussions and jolting rave stabs. Searing hot hi-hats and cymbals crash as a pummeling kick drum commands the tempo. Coming in at just 4:29 long this one track release is just a taste of what we can expect from 808 STUDIOS. 

Due for release on July 28th, ‘PLATINUM SZN’ is the debut outing for 808 STUDIOS. Inspired by the early challenges faced in his career, the Golden Boy wants to help younger artists get to the next level and provide a community of guidance and support with 808 STUDIOS. Reflecting OGUZ’s open-mindedness and artistic journey, the label isn’t sticking to one genre, but evoked emotions and a special touch is what will filter the releases. 

“I hope to connect cultures and styles as well as provide a platform for artists to showcase. It’s mind blowing to see the enthusiasm of my audience about this project”