Off-White™ continues its progressive evolution with the debut of Off-White™ EQUIPMENT™ c/o Post Archive Faction (PAF), Victorinox, Helinox. The brainchild of Off-White™ founder and creative director Virgil Abloh, this first-of-its-kind collaborative questions the existing confines of design innovation within the luxury space through boundary-breaking expressions. Spanning garments, accessories, and furniture, it introduces new craftsmanship, reconsidered functionality, radical silhouettes, and unexpected details for an unprecedented era.

The vanguard partnership began in 2020, when Abloh asked Post Archive Faction (PAF) to imagine a performance wear collection at the intersection of design and utility made to navigate “our terrain today.” The Korean collective’s bold response proposed the creation of multidimensional safe zones for human survival, spanning garments, tools, and spaces. Over the ensuing two years, Off-White™ and Post Archive Faction (PAF) realized their shared vision in collaboration with the iconic Swiss Army Knife manufacturer Victorinox and Helinox, the cutting-edge Korean creator of next-generation portable furniture.

The resulting collection comprises 12 functional and conceptual designs that explore the meaning and survival of humanity in our contemporary landscape. Inspired by human evolution — from the birth of Western History through the Renaissance to the beginnings of Modernism to current-day
Postmodernism — it reinterprets symbolic motifs and evolutionary designs, including Adam and Eve’s proverbial fig leaf: The archetypical foliage evokes memories of our origins while its innovative adaptations underscore the role of creativity in human survival.

Designed in collaboration with Post Archive Faction (PAF) and crafted from supple black or white fabric, the fig leaf blankets the collection’s garments, accessories, and homewares — specifically, the bomber jacket, hoodie, pants, long-sleeve tee, bucket hat, and backpack (each available in black or white). Employed as a tonal, three-dimensional appliqué, the fig leaf offers adaptive camouflage in urban environments dominated by concrete, asphalt, metal, and plastic.

Black fig leaves also adorn the collection’s furniture: a chair and table, both designed in collaboration with Helinox. Both featuring tonal black fabric over metal frames, the sculpturesque designs are collapsible and transportable, underscoring the collection’s considered utility for a world in transition. Sunset Chair is designed for total relaxation and sits up high off the ground, making it one of the brand’s most signature designs. Lightweight, stable and packable, Table One Hard Top Large was designed foroutdoor utility: keeping drinks, food and camp essentials in easy reach.

Off-White™ c/o Post Archive Faction (PAF) c/o Victorinox knife furthers this exploration, combining references to primitive stone axes with the evolved functionalities of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Marking the first time the Swiss company has redesigned its knife blades, the EQUIPMENT™ knife transforms humankind’s earliest tool (stone) into a contemporary and compact multitool. Comprising 11 individual tools, the knife contains: a large blade, three-millimeter screwdriver, can opener, reamer, corkscrew, wine stripper, bottle opener, six-millimeter screwdriver, small blade, wood saw, and key ring. Each constructed of stainless steel, the tools are corrosion resistant and versatile. The knife’s Corian® case is also durable and similarly celebrates its pedigree: On one side pictographs depict the evolution of stone tools, on the other they portray memories of Victorinox.

Finally, the EQUIPMENT™ Stone, a 3D-printed sculptural gray stone stamped with the word “EQUIPMENT,” cements the collection’s philosophical impetus by manifesting a new, postmodern version of nature in which innovation and organic environment deliberately entwine.