Off-White™ celebrates Salone del Mobile 2022 by unveiling Off-White™ Home 4.0 — the brand’s fourth home collection — as well as the second installment of the ongoing Off-White™ c/o Ginori 1735 collaboration.

Tightly curated with elevated design details, the Off-White™ Home 4.0 collection Organic Feeling” is a study in contrasts that explores Virgil Abloh’s fascination with “taking the familiar and making it new,” with “familiar” speaking to the universal language of quotidian objects and “new” representing the brand and world’s continuous evolutions.

Taking inspiration from architecture and organic shapes that recall the perpetual transformation of nature, the collection’s designs are at once recognizable and reimagined, progressive and human. Conventional silhouettes morph, as irregular lines merge with conceptual layers, including provocative surfaces that incite reflection. Noted Off-White™ symbols further characterize the mutable objects — as do the brand’s archetypal Meteor cutouts, which are integrated into two collectible showpieces: the Meteor Chair and Meteor Screen.

Constructed from birch plywood with a natural oak veneer, the screen and chair puncture their surfaces with Meteor circles that offer a window from ‘front’ to ‘back,’or a portal for connection. Trademark fluorescent orange detailing appears as hinges on the screen and on oversized orange metal labels printed with “HOME,” an element that appears throughout the concurrently utilitarian and ornamental collection.

A tabletop flip clock offsets its rectangular cream exterior with a black face framed by sinuous lines and printed graphics, including a “DON’T WASTE” quote. The clock’s quartz movement and rotating mechanisms conscientiously reiterate the collection’s organic through line, reminding us of the evolution inherent to every moment.

Additional accessories include an intentionally asymmetrical transparent glass candelabra, that is a simultaneously dynamic and fixed holder of matching paraffin wax candles with graphics on their bases.

A series of three glazed ceramic vases adds to the table-top offerings. Ranging from tall single stem vessels to medium and large bouquet holders, the vases likewise matches static and kinetic, with cylindrical bodies embellished by vital filaments. Each ceramic vase is also dipped in white enamel glaze at an acute angle (a visual language familiar to Off-White™); speckled with fluorescent green paint at the base— an effect that recalls spray paint; and topped with graphic decals.

Floor designs comprise a doormat crafted from natural coconut husk fibers and dye cut in the shape of the Off-White™ Arrow logo. A square tufted wool carpet showcases the same motif in blue, inspired by the Off-White™ FW21 dress worn by Bella Hadid. In contrast, a rectangular tufted velvet, Persian-style carpet features an original pattern from the Off-White™ FW22 ready-to-wear runway and further challenges conventions thanks to its “DON’T LOOK DOWN” quote applied via a high-resolution printing process.

Three exclusive, poster-sized art prints also pull their graphics from the Off-White™ ready-to-wear world. Stamped on natural white, uncoated 250/mg paper, the works are both physically and philosophically layered, with the first layer digitally printed and the second delivered by a letterpress with metal clichés, using an 80-year-old Heidelberg printing machine. Each graphic is available in a limited edition of 50 prints, which are individually numbered and embossed with an authentication seal.

Finally, a suite of textile offerings punctuates the collection, with an Arrow logo monogram print distinguishing a blanket and matching pillow in tan; table linens in light gray; pajamas with a matching robe and slippers in white and gray; and a set of sheets in blue and tan — as well as bath linens in black and tan; a hoodie bathrobe in black and tan; and a regular bathrobe in cream. Gray bed linens edged in light blue and white bath linens conversely employ a subtle series of logos and considered design details.