Building upon its founder Vigil Abloh’s legacy of perpetually provoking fresh cultural conversations, Off-WhiteTM introduces _LOGIC, a two-part archive-inspired capsule collection in partnership with FARFETCH Beat.

The kick-off moment for Off-WhiteTM to present this is through the capsule collection, which plainly articulates the rational and recognizable line between Abloh and future projects by remixing foundational house codes and styles.

The _LOGIC capsule includes t-shirts and hoodies (both available in black or white) that showcase an archival survey of past graphics, and logos that are emblems of the brand’s decade-long history. A trademark black “OW” Varsity jacket serves up heritage characters via patches on its white sleeves and places the brand’s philosophy—defining the grey area between black and white — on the back.

A low-top “OUT OF OFFICE” sneaker also distills core brand elements in two versions: one black and white style stripped back to the shoe’s essential components, and one premium style with elevated detailing that introduces Off-WhiteTM’s signature blue.

Adding to the _LOGIC capsule is FARFETCH under its BEAT program, the platform’s retail concept series that introduces exclusive product experiences to its customers.

The partnership with FARFETCH for BEAT 011 will include a reimagined subcollection of ten t-shirts and ten hoodies from the _LOGIC capsule, featuring the work of New York artist Phillip Leyesa, who customized select pieces using his used/cut off/distressed effect with blue, black, and white paint brushes. The BEAT 011 capsule will be sold exclusively on, starting November 20th.

The wider _LOGIC collection also comprises a curated selection of home objects, including a poster of Off-WhiteTM’s archival graphics and logos (available in full color or metallic silver) and three distinct area rugs; a signature blue-black-white Off-WhiteTM script logo rug; a red leaf emblem rug with “OFF” typography; and a seafoam green statement rug displaying the brand’s aforementioned philosophy.

To celebrate the launch of _LOGIC and BEAT 011, Off-WhiteTM and FARFETCH co-hosted an “Imaginary Dinner” and an afterparty for their communities at Delilah in Los Angeles on November 15th.

The debut Off-WhiteTM _LOGIC capsule collection is available from November 20th, 2023, on— and, as well as at independent Off-WhiteTM stores globally and select retail partners worldwide.