The second season of OAMC Re:Work amplifies the artisanal approach through dye, detail, and shape. Ready-made items are taken apart, refitted, adjusted, constructed, and overdyed. New garment shapes are created using vintage military blankets printed with camouflage motifs, also overdyed. Wool liners are overdyed and re-shaped, and vintage Swiss military shirts and trousers are re-shaped and overdyed to create relevant forms. 

Photographed by Chris Lensz for OAMC, Frederik Nystrup-Larsen wears the OAMC Re:Work Fall/ Winter 2022 collection in and around his Copenhagen studio, revealing a cacophony of forms from his working archive. Amongst them, strange lamps formed in metal and jersey knit are informed by his layered impressions of Tai Chi poses, and hybrid readymades poke fun at sports and industry. Propped up in the snow under the wintersun, papier maché structures are remnants of a commentary on the aesthetics of early video game culture – warped sentinels that hint at both abstract and figurative forms in Nystrup-Larsen’s dynamic opus.

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About OAMC Re:Work

The concept behind Re:Work is to reuse existing garments by incorporating them into new design ideas. The premise is to elevate garments that are otherwise discarded or no longer aesthetically relevant, to make something new and interesting, and to explore the design of the pieces that have informed our method of creation. Most importantly, however, Re:Work’s upcycled approach helps to minimise the need for new materials by utilising garments, fabrics, trims, and other materials that already exist.

About Frederik Nystrup-Larsen

Frederik Nystrup-Larsen is a multimedia artist based between Copenhagen and London.

B. 1992 Copenhagen, Denmark

MA Fine Arts Royal College of Art (Sculpture).