The writer, actress and filmmaker Sanne Vogel, now proves her talent for creativity in a new field: design. Together with O My Bag, she designed a fully vegan accessory that beautifully elevates and matches any look. The waist bag comes in three different colors which additionally highlights the body’s form. 

O My Bag is known for their black and cognac color palette, but Sanne Vogel decided to expand it by adding navy blue. Navy blue is perfectly matching the brand’s timeless range. 

“We created a bag that I would love to carry myself. It’s a charming belt bag that accentuates my body and has enough space for my essentials.” 

Sanne Vogel

Sanne Vogel also highlighted the practical aspects of the waist bag, noting that the design includes a zip pocket, making it perfect for keeping her belongings secure whether she’s running after her kids or dancing at a festival. She really created a piece that is missing in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Sanne Vogel and O My Bag founder Paulien Wesselink first met in 2014 during the filming of “Hartenstraat,” where the actors carried O My Bag bags. Since then, Sanne has been a dedicated ambassador for the brand. “I value sustainable and socially responsible production, and O My Bag creates beautiful, high-quality bags. When I became vegan, I stopped wearing leather. Last year, my friend gave me a stunning vegan bag from O My Bag’s Uppeal line. I was thrilled with this vegan option and shared my excitement with Paulien.” Soon after, their collaboration became a reality.

A bag made of Uppeal
Vogel teamed up with the O My Bag design team, and together they created designs using Uppeal™, a vegan material derived from apple waste. This bio-based material repurposes residual waste from the fruit industry, such as apple peels, stems, and fibers, which are ground into powder and mixed with PU to ensure durability. In addition to the new belt bag, the label offers a full collection of bags, card holders, travel cases, and wallets made from this innovative vegan material.

The bag will be available in black and cognac from early July and in navy blue in August for €189.00 via O My Bag shops, website and various outlets.