The Dutch brand O My Bag strikes again. Last month, its founder Paulien Wesselink made headlines by winning the Bold Future Award – an award for up-and-coming entrepreneurial talent – and now she is launching her first vegan apple leather collection. In doing so, she once again lives up to her image of an entrepreneur who dares to make daring choices. The bag brand is now releasing four existing models – Sonny Wallet (€89), Sonny Square Wallet (€69), Audrey (€239) and Audrey Mini (€189) – in innovative apple leather, without changing the quality or appearance. In addition, O My Bag introduces two new models in natural leather and three cotton toiletry bags made in the brand’s signature striped lining.

After the Dutch brand recently received the B Corp certification, it is taking the apple leather collection one step further on the road to a better world. “At O My Bag, we are constantly evaluating and improving the materials we use. For O My Bag fans who prefer not to use animal products, we had been looking for a vegan alternative for some time," says Paulien Wesselink, owner of O My Bag. Technological progress in recent years has created new possibilities for the leather industry, including the so-called apple leather. The apple leather that O My Bag uses for its new vegan collection is a waste product from the apple juice industry. The apple residues that remain after pressing are mixed with organic pigment and then combined on a layer of PU, polyester, cotton, and viscose. This ensures that the bags are sturdy and last a long time.

Now at O My Bag: 0% discount on Black Friday!

0% discount during Black Friday! No, this is not a typo. The Dutch bag brand O My Bag decides to do it completely differently this year. Previously, the label promoted ‘Green Friday’ campaign during the Black Friday period and donated the revenue to social causes, but this year the brand is completely skipping the popular sale. Why? The Black Friday trend that drives consumerism doesn't fit with the brand's values. Instead of buying something new, O My Bag motivates its buyers to give something back.

Buy Better, Buy Pre-Loved:

The brand encourages customers to return their old O My Bag items that they no longer use. In this way, the bags and accessories are given a new life and participants receive a gift voucher of €25 in return. O My Bag then does its best to make someone else happy with a pre-loved bag. With this new approach to Green Friday, O My Bag stimulates the circular economy and encourages purchasing of second-hand items. The brand sees it as a great option to reduce its carbon footprint and inspire customers and other brands. In addition, it ensures that high-quality bags and accessories that can last another round are not left lying in the closet under a pile of clothes.

And what about the donations?

In previous years, O My Bag transformed the online Black Friday sales into Green Friday. During this period, the brand donated its Green Friday earnings to social impact projects in India. As of this year, O My Bag has decided to focus on this goal every day. Instead of a one-time campaign, O My Bag donates 1% of its annual revenue to social projects related to sustainability, women's empowerment, and education in India. This means that every O My Bag purchase contributes to positive change.

Do you want to participate in O My Bag's renewed Green Friday and, therefore, reduce your ecological footprint? View more information and the terms and conditions on O My Bag's website.

O My Bag is also expanding its FW21 collection with several new designs in addition to apple leather models. Gina Baguette (€199) and Harper Mini (€189) will see the light of day this fall.

Gina Baguette refers to Paulien's love for the 90's. “I grew up with Sex and the City, where Carrie regularly wore the Fendi Baguette bags. That classic design was a great inspiration.” The result? A shorter but wider variant of the classic O My Bag’s Gina bag. The bestseller of summer ’21, Harper model, is now available in a smaller version. The Harper Mini has a similar size to the bestselling Audrey Mini, but this bag has an extra front pocket.

Several cotton toiletry bags have also been added to the collection. Moon Makeup Bag (€59), Elise Makeup Bag (€69) and Ted Travel Case (€35/€30) stand out because of the striped lining print and are made from a composition of recycled and organic cotton. They are also Organic Content Standard (OSC) and Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified. By using a blend of recycled and organic cotton, O My Bag minimizes its impact on the environment.

The bags from the vegan line and the FW21 collection are now available via the website or various points of sale.