Written by Celine Azena

The warehouse phenomenon hit the road as part of its 15-city World Tour. Reimagining the underground scene, Boiler Room continues to push the boundaries of current-day music culture, revolutionizing how we stream, experience and connect through events that cater to an immersive crowd. Boiler room is a cornerstone for various sounds and ideas that has seamlessly championed artists over the years. At the same time, they are continuing to highlight local and upcoming artists. 

The underground scene hit the road for their 2023 World Tour, with making stops in Lisbon, London, Amsterdam and Mumbai, just to name a few. Amassing crowds in each city, fans flock to secure their tickets to the highly anticipated flagship festival. From 14th to 16th July, New York flooded with fans as Boiler Room shut down the city for an electrifying bash. 

During their Avant Gardener takeover on 15th July, Numero Netherlands had the chance to explore the Boiler Room for the night. Authentic to its name, the flagship festival offered various scenes ranging from pop to experimental hip-hop, electronica to house music. The three stages allowed partygoers to explore the various collectives of music genres, subgenres and cultures. Hidden between factory buildings was the promise of a night of elation. From the moment you enter the Boiler Room space, you’re thrown into a frenzy of euphoric highs, bright lights and scorching bodies. A bit of London born culture takes over the Brooklyn native’s mirage for the night.

Three halls greeted us for the night, each with its own distinct sound and aura. The main Mirage stage featured an open ceiling space surrounded by strobe lights and giant plasma screens. Skin on Skin, Rose Kourts, HoneyBun and Slayyyter were among the many artists on the night’s lineup, filling the room with a mix of dance, house, techno and pop. The Great Hall, located directly to the right of the main stage, welcomed festivalgoers with a dark ambiance, strobes and a pit ideal for a DJ. Dance and electronic music dominated the room, with sets from LustSickPuppy, Only Fire and IC3PEAK bringing their distinct sounds to the forefront. Kings Hall, the venue’s final stage, was located at the far end of the venue. True to its origins, the room resembled an underground warehouse-style rave, with crowds pouring out from every end as sweaty bodies awaited the next set. The performances of the night explored the unique sounds of the Mena region. Among them were artists Nedim Maghzal, Saphe and New York native MYYUH, enveloping the room with Electronic Arabic sounds, funky house, and techno. Each hall provided Boiler Room fans with an exceptional selection of music to listen to while partying the night away. 

Boiler Room truly shut down New York with a phenomenal night to remember. True to its London roots, the flagship Festival provided attendees with an experience they will never forget. With energized crowds, euphoric atmospheres and trilling, unique sounds, we wish the party would never end. We’re excited to see Boiler Room venture into their next city takeover and we look forward to their return to the Big Apple.