From September 27, Nxt Museum Amsterdam will host the British art collective Random International with their solo exhibition, “Life in a Different Resolution.” This retrospective looks back on two decades of immersive and groundbreaking creations and puts them in the spotlight. The exhibition includes the very first European presentation of the monumental work “Living Room.” Moreover, this event marks the very first solo exhibition at the Nxt Museum, curated by Bogomir Doringer.

During the public program, you can enjoy performances by the renowned dancer and choreographer Sedrig Verwoert, known for his work with the National Opera & Ballet and ICK Dans Amsterdam. Additionally, specially composed musical pieces by Mamiko Motto will be performed exclusively for this occasion. All of this serves as a unique way to explore art projects through interactive, mental, and physical experiences that bring each work to life. The opening night promises to be an unforgettable experience where art comes to life.

The Power of Creative Connections
Random International’s artworks bring technology and the audience together in a creative and collective dance, creating stories about what it means to be human, alive, and together. How do we confront technological challenges like AI, which both excite and frighten us?

“For our third exhibition, we decided to delve deep into the body of work and mindset of an artistic collective. This exhibition provides a platform for their new media art over the years. Random International’s work has inspired many, and in rapidly changing times, it’s essential to acknowledge their significance in today’s creative world and our lives that have been ‘upgraded’ by new technology.” 

Bogomir Doringer, Curator

A Dive into Human Consciousness
“Life in a Different Resolution” challenges us to contemplate human consciousness through artworks that transform various perspectives into immersive experiences. Visitors will witness the blurring of the boundaries between human and artificial intelligence, as well as the merging of the physical and digital worlds, while addressing current concerns and questions. This exhibition promises a unique experience that challenges us to think about the future of creativity and technology.

Highlights of “Life in a Different Resolution” include:
“Living Room”: A monumental artwork that explores space as a living entity, inviting visitors to interact with a fluctuating architectural domain that responds to their presence. This work represents an evolution of Random International’s globally successful “Rain Room.”
“Life in Our Minds: Mother flock”: An interactive sculpture that immerses visitors in a virtual swarm, an innovative exploration of digital collectibles and blockchain technology.
“Fifteen Points”: A large moving robot that challenges the brain to decipher identity with minimal data.

“We are very excited to exhibit the brilliant work of Random International, which encompasses 20 years of research and craftsmanship, in one place in Amsterdam. For the third time since the launch of Nxt Museum in the summer of 2020, our ‘black box’ is being completely reimagined. This time by Random International, Bogomir Doringer, and Ivo Jellinek with the support of our team and partners. A new storyline consisting of cutting-edge art, technology, and music will take our visitors to new dimensions of exploration and education.” 

Merel Van Helsdingen, Founder of Nxt Museum