Curated by Bogomir Doringer for Nxt Museum, the forthcoming exhibition includes newly completed works by UK-based Random International never yet seen in Europe, presenting an overview of their work so far. 

Random International is a London-based art group. Their work pioneers the cross-roads of (to name a few) technology, art, artificial intelligence, movement, cognitive and behavioural science. Featuring six large-scale works, a batch of their swarm breeds, their recent generative NFT drop: Life In Our Minds, and a new additive choral work in addition to smaller sculptures and studies from across their oeuvre, Nxt Museum will open up the craftsmanship and contextual backgrounds to these seminal works, allowing – for the first time in Europe – a deeper understanding of their vision and endeavour.

©RANDOM INTERNATIONAL Unique still from Life in Our Minds / Motherflock

Living Room by Random International 

“For what will be our third exhibition we decided to delve deep into the body of work and thinking of one art group. The artworks of Random International are creative, collective dances between the audience and technology, they create stories in our minds about what it means to be human and alive and together. For this exhibition they have created a stage for immersive, large-scale installations and contributed to the development of new media art. Their work has inspired many and in fast-moving times, it is important to recognise their importance to what is happening today.”

–– Bogomir Doringer, Curator

Fifteen Points by Random International Photography by Esteban Schunemann 

“For our first solo exhibition in The Netherlands we are delighted to be working with Amsterdam’s Nxt Museum, who have given us the space to open and explore so many aspects of our research from over the years. Amid these ‘interesting times’, we are excited to be able to experiment with the sweet spot between collective creativity and individual experience, and how that is made manifest in physical space. We are also excited about the public programming in the context of the exhibition and plan to double down on all aspects of artistic co-creation and shared authorship during the course of this show.”

–– Random International

●  The exhibition entitled ‘Life in a Different Resolution’ will include the European and institutional premiere of their ‘Living Room’ installation, following its success at Miami Art Week last December in the studio’s inaugural collaboration with Aorist. 

●  The first time that Nxt Museum delves deep into the narrative and development of one artist/collective, exploring their output and development in a solo exhibition. 

●  The exhibition traces a line through Random International’s process from 2006 until today, highlighting a recent shift in emphasis within their thinking with a renewed focus on co-creation and the power of the collective act. 

●  The exhibition will be coupled with a public programme focussing on activating and stimulating local talent and creativity: opening a space for local creators and artists to react and interact directly with the works.