Last Tuesday, ahead of the ADE festivities in Amsterdam, Numéro NL hosted an event with HUGO in the brand’s flagship store to kick off the week, with a surprise performance by MOCHAKK.

In the heart of Amsterdam, just days before the city’s iconic Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), an event unfolded that set the tone for the week-long electronic music festivities. Numéro NL partnered with the renowned fashion brand HUGO to host the brand’s flagship store re-opening. HUGO’s store served as the stage for a night of excitement, including a surprise performance by the electronic music star MOCHAKK.

Joined by the magazine’s friends and collaborators, the event kicked off within the premises of the HUGO store, offering drinks and souvenirs, all set to the backdrop of JOIAH’s beats.

Following this, the HUGO store opened its doors to the adjacent city canal, introducing MOCHAKK. Dressed in head-to-toe HUGO, MOCHAKK, an artist who has mastered the art of intrigue, took the stage in a surprise appearance, who not only played for the event’s attendees but also for anyone passing by on the street. MOCHAKK’s performance drew a crowd of music enthusiasts, turning the surrounding area into a lively hub of entertainment.

Building on the #HUGOYourWay motto introduced during the brand’s 2022 refresh, this season brings a new dimension to self-expression through a narrative deeply rooted in the realms of music and fashion. HUGO is making a significant move into the music scene, bridging the gap between music and fashion to offer its community a fresh way to connect.

The campaign’s star player is Bella Poarch, headlining the Fall/Winter 2023 campaign and collaborating on a special HUGO x Bella Poarch capsule collection. This collaboration, alongside the creative campaign, solidifies the bond between the energy of music and the individualism and self-expression embodied in style, reinforcing the brand’s #HUGOYourWay philosophy.

The HUGO Winter 2023 campaign embodies a dynamic and powerful spirit, ushering in a new era where music and fashion come together to amplify self-expression. The campaign, set to the tune of “Body Wan Shake” by Freq Motif x Magugu and photographed by Stuart Winecoff under the artistic direction of Trey Laird and the Team Laird agency, showcases this creative vision and magnetic energy.

HUGO stores worldwide will mirror the bold aesthetics of the Winter 2023 collection in their window displays and interior merchandising. The campaign launch will be celebrated on the HUGO brand page, hugo.com, featuring the season’s key looks.