Last Thursday marked a memorable day here at Numéro Netherlands. In partnership with Amsterdam Dance Event and a cult Amsterdam club LOFI, we commemorated Numéro’s third anniversary as well as the 7th issue launch, titled “Metamorphosis”. The night was a celebration of artistry, fashion, music, and the creatives who worked on the issue as well as collaborators of the past. With techno superstars like AMELIE LENS, GLIA, DION VISSER, and HUMAN SPACE MACHINE headlining, the party was destined for success right from the beginning.

The gathering hosted over 450 local and international exclusive guests. Names like Nic Kaufmann, Jessica Goi, Benji Krol, Agata Serge, Marthe Woertman, Alejandro Zwartendijk were in attendance. Sponsors of the night included Armani Exchange, Nubikk, Polette, Peroni, The Famouse Grouse, GiG Hard Selzer, Moët & Chandon, Sir Dam Vodka, The London Essence, and Earth Water.

Metamorphosis is a celebration of evolution and rebirth, representing a force that counters the stagnation of fear and apprehension, human tendencies that hinder our growth and feed our anxieties. It takes courage to morph into a version of ourselves unafraid of continual change, for change is not only positive but necessary for all life forms. A butterfly is only a butterfly after days as a caterpillar; we are only perfect when we acknowledge our imperfections and embrace the perpetual cycle of transformation. Despite the risk and fear, the thought of change leaves you excited and eager. This is the changing face of life, of culture, of fashion. This is Metamorphosis”
Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief Numéro Netherlands


Daniel Sars & Miyanne Maassen van den Brink