NUMÉRO NL and TOMBOY have joined forces to create a capsule collection, a harmonious blend that pays homage to the audacious spirit of bold and creative visionaries. This exclusive collaboration stands as a testament to the imaginative minds that inspired its inception.

Crafted meticulously from premium 100% cotton, the limited edition tee transcends the traditional boundaries of fashion; it is a canvas of expression that encapsulates the essence of individuality. Each garment, carefully designed, tells a story of collaboration and creativity.

As a unique touch, every piece in this collection comes adorned with a TOMBOY®️ x NUMÉRO NL sticker, symbolizing the synergy between the two powerhouse brands. This exclusive collaboration is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a celebration of breaking free from the confines of conventional design, venturing into the realms of art, and embracing a lifestyle that champions the bold and the unconventional.

This collection is an ode to those who dare to think differently, an homage to the rebels and visionaries who inspire us to explore new dimensions in design, art, and lifestyle. With each stitch, this collaboration weaves a narrative of innovation and creative freedom, inviting individuals to embrace their unique identity and celebrate the limitless possibilities that arise when creative minds converge.

Consisting of the two versions of the TOMBOY®️ x NUMÉRO NL tee, the collection is available exclusively on the TOMBOY website.