On December 13th, Numéro Netherlands had the pleasure to be part of the glittering festivities hosted by Dazzle Agency at La Estrella in Madrid. Dazzle Agency, founded by Adriana Taeño, known for its avant-garde approach to talent management, organized an event that brought together influencers, TikTok sensations, fashion enthusiasts, and all sorts of creatives. The festive mood emphasized the agency’s dedication to cultivating a sense of community and teamwork among its outstanding lineup.

The agency’s dedication to pushing creative limits and fostering an unusual mix of talents is clear here. Dazzle Agency is at the vanguard of Spain’s creative environment, from conceptualizing groundbreaking campaigns to collaborating with brands on unique projects. To add to the attraction of the evening, guests dressed in “Old Money Modern,” infusing the Christmas gala with a classy yet contemporary charm, a perfect match with La Estrella. 

The Numéro Netherlands team conducted a series of interviews for TikTok to go even deeper into the lives and stories of these talents. Viewers will acquire an in-depth insight into the characters behind the creative personas through these interviews, which will reveal the stories that inspire their passion and drive within the ever-changing landscape of social media and fashion.

The public will discover the heartwarming world of Dazzle Agency, where the emphasis is not just on the glitter and glamour but on the genuine bonds and creative objectives that make this agency a true powerhouse in the talent management sphere. 

photography by Pablo Anyway

by Claudia Aisa