Numéro Netherlands is excited to share a daily dose of holiday cheer as we introduce an exquisite array of products designed to elevate your gifting game. Today, we usher in the Holiday Season with Sowvital, a London-based brand on a mission to help you care for your outdoor or interior plants.

Sowvital’s goal is to rekindle the bond between you and your plants through scientifically informed and soulfully curated nourishment rituals. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or new to the world of greenery, there are compelling reasons why Sowvital’s products should top your Christmas gift list.

Their thoughtfully curated range caters to the needs of every plant enthusiast. From the iconic Watering Can to the specialized Cleaning Cloth, Sowvital ensures that your green-thumbed friends and family have the tools they need to pamper their botanical companions.

Watering Can, Green – Shop HERE

Many products in this collection are priced at 30 euros or less, making them perfect Secret Santa gifts for the workplace, gatherings with friends, or family traditions. Our favorite go-to gift is the ‘Gardener’s Hand Care Kit’ , ideal for caring for your hands after a little gardening session.

Gardener’s Hand Care KitShop HERE

Sowvital offers a selection of premium products that exude that extra-special touch. Imagine your loved ones tending to plants with their special English-designed gardening tools, crafted from high-quality stainless steel materials ensuring lasting elegance. Ou favorite gift-box? The ‘Three Step Kit Gift Box.’

Three Step Kit Gift Box – Shop HERE

Whether it’s our easy-to-use Seed Grow Kits or our range of tools built and engineered to last generations, this selection offers options that transcend generational boundaries.

Stay tuned to Numéro Netherlands as we unveil a new product every other day until Christmas, helping you curate the perfect gifting list for your loved ones, friends, family, or yourself!