Numéro Netherlands is thrilled to bring you a daily dose of holiday cheer as we unveil an exquisite array of products designed to elevate your gifting game. Today, we welcome the Holiday Season with SOUS, a high-end culinary experience delivered directly to your home.

Today, we present not just a gift idea but also an opportunity to illuminate your festive meals and impress your loved ones with SOUS. Founded in 2022 by Devon Scoulelis (38) and Thomas Scholte (26), SOUS enhances the quality of the home dining experience throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. The website features menus from dozens of top restaurants and chefs in the Netherlands and Belgium, and the SOUS Market offers a range of curated premium products. Affiliated restaurants and chefs combine traditional and modern cooking techniques to create the ultimate home dining experience.

The chefs carefully craft the menus in their own kitchens and package the components fresh and airtight, ready for shipment. Once delivered at home, all you have to do is add the finishing touches.

SOUS aims to deliver a more premium option than Uber Eats, offering an interactive culinary experience through chef meal kits, allowing customers to actively participate in cooking, fostering a sense of accomplishment and connection with the meal. Our kits also provide customization options based on personal preferences, dietary restrictions, or cultural influences.

Devon Scoulelis and Thomas Scholte, founders of Sous

We recommend offering a gift voucher on their website to provide a unique culinary experience ready to be assembled, satisfying the taste buds of your most discerning loved ones. We tried and tested the vegetarian 3-course dinner from Onno Kokmeijer ✽✽. Through a video and a few simple steps, you can prepare Onno’s menu, an enjoyable activity that concludes with an exquisite note.

Gift selection is challenging, especially during the holiday season. Will it be another gift basket, a coupon for a major online retailer, or perhaps corporate merchandise? While we appreciate any thoughtful gift, it can often seem impersonal. However, at SOUS, we offer a unique solution. Known for our incredible nights in, our offerings extend beyond personal use. From culinary experiences and gift cards to personalized culinary boxes, you can now gift something truly exceptional!

Devon Scoulelis and Thomas Scholte, founders of Sous

Especially for the holidays, Brasserie Van Dam has curated a festive 4-course Shared Dining menu with Van Dam’s favorites! All dishes are fully prepared, and the entremets and main courses only need to be warmed up.

We invite you to order the dinner for two from Dick Middelweerd**, concocted by the chef of Treeswijkhoeve. With this menu, you can put an amazing 4-course meal on the table with minimal effort, creating the perfect and unforgettable Christmas dinner.

With 38 partners in total, including renowned names such as Ron Blaauw, Julius Jaspers, and leading restaurants such as Treeswijkhoeve**, Parkheuvel**, and Daalder*, there is an abundance of choice for every foodie.

Cooking takes time, so thanks to us, savor more moments with your loved ones at the table and less time in the kitchen, all while enjoying a meal that mirrors the effort of an entire day’s worth of cooking!

Devon Scoulelis and Thomas Scholte, founders of Sous

Stay tuned to Numéro Netherlands as we unveil a new product every other day until Christmas, helping you curate the perfect gifting list for your loved ones, friends, family, or yourself.

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P.S.: In addition to complete menus, it is now possible to purchase the favorite products of top restaurants and chefs!